Thursday, January 10, 2013

Demand A Plan ad rebuttal

This is from a pro-gun supporter.  I must say, it's effective, especially with like-minded gun proponents.


thepeopleswheels said...

See the problem is, we're ceding the ground to the gun-rights people who don't want to see any limitations. No one is talking about banning guns! But that's what this discussion has devolved to, an retrograde argument about the "guvmint take ma guns!" No, that's not happening, and I won't.

To the point of this video, yes Hollywood, that big nebulous bastion of liberalism and progressiveness, glorifies guns and gun violence, but these actors are paid to entertain us. Calling them hypocrites for speaking out about gun violence because of their work, is just another obfuscation from the real point, that we need common sense gun control. These distractions are infuriating and keep us from making progress and coming to a compromise that will keep us safe and preserve the rights of law abiding gun owners. I like guns! I have enjoyed shooting them! But these mass shootings are out of control and we have to take steps to prevent them.


midelectric said...

I give Jennifer Aniston a pass, how else could you protect yourself against a possessed, knife-wielding homicidal doll than with a shotgun?

This just reinforces the delusions of people who have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality. Why not show those actors portraying a character drinking alcohol and accuse them of being hypocrites for making PSAs against drunk driving?

There's a long way from a "well-regulated militia" to "you're entitled to an assault rifle, expanded clip and body armor since you have a credit card".
And why is it that we can't ban guns? Australia has and they're arguably even more redneck than America. They enjoyed a significant drop in fatalities and the violence was not transferred to the use of alternate weapons.
It's hard to claim this is a civilized country if 5 year olds have to be drilled on what to do if there's a shooter in the building.

MattC said...

I think "thepeopleswheels" brings up some valid points. I am a member of the NRA, a former police officer, and have been around firearms of some sort or another for the last 20 years.

That being said, I am not against some common sense measures. For example, firearms education should be required if purchasing a firearm (right now a NRA safe firearms course is recommended but not required). Also all the nonsense about the gun show loophole needs to stop. The vendors there must also do a background check and/or ship to an FFL. Private in state sales require both the buyer/seller filling out a form and registering with their state (if required).

Where I will differ from "thepeopleswheels" post is that Hollywood benefits from glorification of gun violence, yet actors/actresses can speak out against the violence (with a straight face). Ordinarily it should not matter, but in this day and age, Hollywood is given a lot of leeway to steer public discourse. My other problem with modern media, is that there seems to be a very quick knee jerk reaction to these cases of violence. Which thankfully are rare. Yet, the 24 hour news channels have yet to admit that maybe their continued coverage of these crimes(and the perpetrators especially) may fuel copycats.

I do not have all the answers to how to stem gun violence. However, considering the population (300+ million), the amount of registered guns (200+ million), gun violence is a surprisingly small figure. Also the majority of gun violence is directly attributable and localized to other factors(high crime areas/in conjunction with other crimes).