Saturday, January 12, 2013

The $1,000 Porsche 928

This post was inspired by AutoNeurotic, which posted this video of a $500 928.  Someday, some kid is going to do that to my beloved Phaeton.

I really prefer the older 928s because I like the smaller taillights.  Here is one in San Francisco for $1,000.   It doesn't look that scary.  It's probably a good idea to have the car towed to a shop for a timing belt change pronto.  What do you think?

ETA: A 928 belt is 82 1/2 inches (2.1 meters) long!


Alan said...

Re: timing belt length, you saw the same TG video!

I agree, the earlier 928 had much prettier, smaller, vertically bisected tails - cooler interior and prettier, if not as powerful or valvey engines too.

I don't know why, but I always convince myself that my ownership experience will be the exception to the rule, I'll be the one dissenter on some Vortex thread about cheap used 928's, the one guy who's has been completely reliable... probably totally unrealistic but it's fun to imagine.

But yeah, it does look scary, terrifying even.

Spannerhead said...

I like the earlier 928s too. I remember seeing one for the first time in Europe in the late '80s—it looked like a spaceship. I loved it.

Though I certainly wouldn't pass up a nice late-model 928GTS. :) Rocket sled.

If parts prices were even slightly more reasonable—say, in BMW territory—I'd seriously consider getting one.