Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What do you think of Lance Armstrong's accomplishments?

MattC asks:

"While I feel that their legacies are tarnished (especially in baseball which relishes its history), the bigger unanswered question is how prevalent is steroid use? And if it is as prevalent as I expect, should we judge their accomplishments in context that others who also use the supplements but did not win the Tour or have the batting average of Bonds?"

I am biased because I think Armstrong is an egotistical prick.  I am happy to see his empire crumbling.  To be fair though, given that almost every cyclist was probably doping, Armstrong won so many times because 1) he had the best drugs, 2) he had the best mental game, and/or 3) he was the better athlete.

Here is a short clip of a battle up a mountain.  And check out the Alfa Romeos!

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