Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Curb rash

I am so mad at myself.  While driving out of a parking garage, I didn't notice a curb to my right and hit my rear passenger side wheel with it.  I was so proud of my flawless eight year old rims.  Ugh.

So can these be repaired?  Sanded out?  Buffed?  Or should I leave it alone?


mtc said...

I remember how pissed off I was after curbing one of my flawless wheels for the very first time. Unless you display OCD tendencies, though, you'll get over it. And that's not even very bad rash :D

(But yes, they can be repaired.)

rmac said...

One alternative is that the spare, at least mine, is a on the same alloy wheel, it not a steel rim, so swapping the tires between the damaged rim and the spare would be an option.

Edvin said...

Yeah, that's not too bad. I scratched mine way worse last summer, twice even. Looks real nasty on a black rim. S%€& happens..

Alan said...

MCM has a pretty good video how-to:


I thought I had curbed my Prodrives the other day and nearly wept, then I got out and noticed I had just missed the curb.

Like Edvin and mtc said, shit happens, you'll get over it.