Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coda electric car review

It'll be out of business by year's end.


Ripituc said...

Well, John McElroy was more confident on Coda, if I recall correctly. He was pleaseantly surprised by the electric powertrain and battery packaging, but of course said that a more modern car on top of the electric stuff was needed for the company to be successful.

The car is made by Hafei. It's a Hafei Saibao.

McElroy's test is here:

BTW, I like to see that Motorweek still exists and with the same host. I've seen many of the old programs on Youtube and I really like them.

Maxichamp said...

@Viva: Motorweek is on the public television station. It has been on since the early 1980s. American car enthusiasts make fun of the show because of the way John Davis talks and the crappy editing. But deep down inside, everyone loves the show.

midelectric said...

It's a better packaging and integration job than I thought but it would be very hard to pay that much money for a car that looks so painfully mundane. I know they did that for a reason but I don't think early adopters are as squeamish about avant-garde design as they think they are. It's hard to point to something that looks like an old Kia Sephia with a blanked off grill and say "that's the future".

Also, John Davis is the Pat Sajak of the automotive show world, god bless him. Before the internet, there was no way to experience the sounds and dynamism of a car except by catching MW every weekend.

MattC said...

While I like the idea of the Coda, the execution especially for the price point is lacking.

For not much more, one can walk out with a Fisker Karma. For a lot less, you can buy a Nissan Leaf or a Chevy Volt and still have the backing of a major worldwide manufacturer.

A Coda at a $30K price point can have potential. Any more and your are contending with electric and electric with gas extending engines from proven platforms.

MattC said...

Oh, and Motorweek is the equivalent of automotive comfort food. Sure there are better car focused programs (Top Gear), but MW still brings you back to earlier and simpler times.