Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cars I saw today

Today, we went to Alameda for lunch and some shopping.  All of these cars were found within a three block radius.  Alameda, a.k.a. The Island That Rust Forgot, as you may know, is where Murilee Martin based his Down On the Street series.  

First, we've got this 1991 Honda Civic Si.  It's got a manual transmission.  The plastic wheel covers are peeling but otherwise, the exterior looks great.  I looked in the back seat and there were Maxell VHS tapes!  According to the state vehicle test history website, this car had a hard time passing smog last year.

Old beaters, like this Chevy Belair wagon, are everywhere.

I'm not a big new Camaro fan, but with these optional Chevy black steelies, the car looks very appealing.

Just as we were loading our Honda with drug store purchases, this Ford Capri drove by.  It sounded strong and was driven by an old lady.

After we got home, I decided to wash our cars.  It was supposed to be relaxing, but I've got a couple of neighbor kids who are clueless.  I told them to be careful as I was going to move the car.  And while I was moving it, one of the kids blindly rode his bike into and out of my garage.  Dumb kid.


Ed Kim said...

Finding an unmodified and unmolested EF generation Civic Si of that era is truly rare. That's seriously about as rare as that Capri, if not more so!

I can't imagine the offers the owner of that car must get from passerby. That car's a sport compact classic!

Maxichamp said...

@Ed: I waited 5 minutes by the car, hoping the owner would show up.