Wednesday, October 22, 2014

5 Citroen SM innovations

The rain sensing wipers are the most amazing...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Official Citroen Museum

Things are looking good. The person I am in contact with there instructed me to write back in December as she is not scheduling anything in February yet.

This is just a fraction of the 400+ Citroens at the museum.

More here.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Storing extra cars

Story No. 3. If you've followed this blog for years, you'd know that it takes me a long time to pull the trigger when it comes to car purchases. The Phaeton search took over a year, as did the Volvo search. So when I tell you that I am looking to buy a weekend fun car, you know it's not going to happen overnight.

But before I can buy the extra car, I need to look at my storage options. We only have a two-car garage and some of my neighbors are quick to complain when too many cars are parked on the street. Plus, I will soon need a storage space to tuck away some work-related stuff.*

I've heard for years that some local car collectors kept their cars in airplane hangars at the municipal airport. I called today and learned that in order to rent or buy a hangar, you have to own an airplane. It's a shame, as the airport would have been ideal. It's located close by and is next to a major freeway. Plus, it's very secure.

Now, I am back to square one. If I rent a place, it has to be super secure (for my work stuff and for my weekend car). I have also considered buying a space, but do the tax advantages outweigh the hassle? I'd like to hear your thoughts if you have any experience with this very First World Problem.

And if money were no object, and I lived closer to San Jose, I would consider this.

*Ideally, there would be extra space so that the storage unit could act like a clubhouse. I have to relocate my Maserati coffee table anyway, as it is not allowed in the house anymore.

A tale of two Jags

Story No. 2. A colleague was telling me about his experience with Jags. In college back in the 1960s, he spent his entire life savings on a Jaguar E-Type. It promptly overheated and he didn't have any money left to fix it. He put it up for sale as a non-runner. A guy came by with a VW Squareback. The colleague traded his E-Type for the VW and $100 cash.

Ever since, he has been scared off by Jaguars. Recently, he decided to treat himself to a really nice car. He had a list of 20 choices, and the XKR was near the bottom. Guess what he ended up getting?

Depreciation on a 2012 Mercedes CL550

Despite working a long day, I've got three great car stories.

First story. I was talking to a friend who is into cars. He's currently trying to sell this SSR.

You'll notice the two Mercs in the background. The white 560SEC is his daily driver. He bought it from the original owner just a few years ago. The car had very low miles, as it was used mainly to ferry the owner from his home to the grocery store.

My friend drives his clients around in the black S600 Biturbo in the garage. He is a master at buying fancy cars after someone else has eaten the depreciation.

He has maxed out on the number of cars he is allowed to own at a time (I think he also has an SUV and an Audi TT convertible with baseball glove stitching), so he sold the S600 Biturbo and bought a 2012 Mercedes CL550. The CL sold new for $114,000+. He picked it up for $29,000. What a deal!

In talking to him, he mentioned that if he could find space for his cars, he wouldn't have to sell the SSR, which he loves dearly. That's another story.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Supercharged Xterra

Walked by one this morning while walking the dog. Didn't realize they made a supercharged version between 2002 and 2004.

It bumped the horsepower from 180 to 210.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Recommendations for tire pressure gauge

Any suggestions? I've always used pencil-shaped gauges. I'm ready to move up. Thanks in advance.

McLaren F1 owner's manual

Source, via @DasPretzels, who happens to be @TelstarLogistic's brother in real life.

Here is a manual for sale. I emailed the Canadian company to ask for the price.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Electric fan cripples Florida governor debate

This is just pathetic and emblematic of American politics. Both candidates are immature dicks. The Democrat (the guy with the fan) used to be the Republican governor and got engaged to a woman just to quash rumors that he is gay.

The Republican (the guy who was mad at the fan) is the incumbent. Before his political life, he ran the largest for-profit health care company in America which paid a $600 million fine for defrauding Medicare.

Buick or Taurus?

The current Buick ad campaign in America wants to convey to prospective buyers that new Buicks are modern looking!