Friday, September 19, 2014

2014 retrospective

The fiscal year is about to come to an end for many, so I thought I would highlight my year, month-by-month, in reverse chronological order:

September: Hopefully, tomorrow, I will set the 8 bridge record.

August: Drove this Aventador in Carmel Valley.

Honorable mention: My first post on The Truth About Cars.

July: Bought a wagon.

June: I rode to the Arctic Ocean in a van.

May: One-year anniversary of my solo law practice!

April: A much-needed vacation along the Mendocino Coast, after working non-stop for almost a year.

March: Visited the Academy of Art's car collection with Russo-phile Zack.

February: Went on a food tour in San Francisco and tried liquid nitrogen ice cream.

January: As always, being rchen's co-pilot at the annual Anti-Football Run.

Honorable mention: I started my term as the president of the local trial lawyers association, which is a big honor indeed.

All in all, a great year. Plus, I still have October, November, and December to go!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Here is the Bay Bridges record route

150 miles. Estimated time is 2h53m (without traffic).

Taiwan military jets landing and taking off on freeways

This week, much of the Republic of China Air Force's inventory was involved in a drill using civilian roadways. It's the usual show of force to demonstrate to Red China that Taiwan can defend itself. I guess the scenario they are preparing for is when China destroys all of Taiwan's air bases.

2 songs on the radio

I did a bit of driving today and heard two songs that caught my attention.

First, Foolish Heart. I've heard it for virtually all of my life, but don't remember ever watching the video.

Only after watching the video did I realize that it was sung by Steve Perry. I dug the guy's raspy voice and 80s hair. Here's my favorite Perry song.

And then, on Live 105, I heard the song from all those Mazda commercials. I had no idea it was a legitimate song. I had assumed it was just a jingle Mazda's ad people made up.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

8 Bay Area bridge record

This weekend, I'm going to drive over all eight Bay Area bridges. Others have done it before, but no one has set/published an official time. I won't be speeding, as whatever time I set will be the "record".

Here is a map of the bridges. I will be starting from the Dumbarton and working my way north and then east.

I just figured out how to tweet with Siri so I'll have updates as I go.

Do any of you Bay Area residents have any advice? I'm still debating on the best way to go from the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate.

Sunday, September 14, 2014