Thursday, January 24, 2013

Porsche PDK transmission

I was chatting with a colleague about his newish 911 and he told me that it is for sale.  I asked if it was a manual or an auto, and he said, with a proud grin, that it has PDK.  The car is also mildly modified so that it's comparable to Euro-spec models (I didn't ask for details) and he claims it gets 25 mpg.

If I had the money, I would definitely buy it.  I don't know what the name of the color of his car is, but it is gorgeous.


MattC said...

I think that Porsche has probably the best transmission available today. While I sometimes lament the demise of the purely manual transmission, that argument seems shallow as newer transmissions have blended the best of both worlds.

We really do live in a golden age of automobiles. One can get a base model Mustang with over 300hp and almost 30mpg (hwy). A Honda Fit automatic can come with paddle shifters. A Porsche PDK transmission can enhance driver input and still react quicker than any profession driver. A 370Z manual will allow proper rev matched shifts. And a certain Blogger can buy a used Phaeton with similar internals as a Bentley for a song... Good times indeed

Maxichamp said...

@MattC: Excellent comment. I have submitted your comment to Hooniverse as a suggestion for QOTD: Are we in a golden age of autos?