Sunday, January 13, 2013

Riga Autobus Factory visit, 2012

More here and here.  Hat tip to Sanchez!


Ripituc said...

Amazing link and pictures! I have a soft spot for RAF (as I do for many other obscure things, of course).

It might be the lovely styling of the RAF-2203, or maybe the tragedy of Latvian history, but I really like them.

It saddens me to see the factory is abandoned like that, seemingly open to thiefs and any kind of vandalism.

I hope the Olympic RAF is on a more secure place (as it seems) because it's glorious. Not only historical of the paintjob is a delight!

The Chaika conversion is another surprise, wonderful pictures them all.

Ripituc said...

Update: The Moscow 1980 RAF is on the Riga Motor Museum (Latvia).


Lukas said...

Awesome. Looks like the factory itself is some kind of museum.

Especially like the black Chaika(?) based station wagon in part 2.

Sanchez said...

Indeed not all of the photos are taken in the abandoned factory. Olympic RAF is from Riga museum. But the most interest cars from Riga Motor Museum are ZIL 112 Sport (, the only example in existence today) and Auto Union Typ D (yes the Silver Arrow!)

Sanchez said...


Alan said...

Super interesting post.