Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vernadsky Research Station in Antarctica: Southernmost bar in the world

I'm renewing my quest to travel down to the tip of South America.  I assumed the southernmost bar would be in Ushuaia in Argentina or Puerto Williams in Chile.  I was wrong.  Apparently, it's at a Ukrainian research station in Antarctica, at about 65 degrees south.

The Vernadsky station used to belong to the UK and was called Faraday.  As the UK consolidated its stations, it sold the station to the Ukraine for one pound, on condition that the Ukraine continued research there.  The hole in the ozone layer was discovered there, you know.

The Foxes took these photos and shared their experience.

Bay outside station.

Arrive via Zodiac.

Typical office.

Bow made out of skis.

Vodka made of glacier water.  Pineapple on plate.

Free drink in exchange for bra.

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