Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 door Renault Le Car for sale

There is a 5 door Le Car for sale near here for $2,800.  Unfortunately, there are no pictures.  If I can get it for less than half the asking price, I'm tempted to buy it and show it at this year's Concours de LeMons.


Alan said...


I wonder if it has the Webasto roof?

Maxichamp said...

What's Webasto? Is it that folding roof?

I prefer the 3 door but the 5 door is so goofy looking, I am strangely drawn to it. Plus, it's got a new paint job. I hope the Le Car decal on the front doors are still intact.

The owner just posted the ad last week. Maybe I'll wait until early August when he's more pliable.

Alan said...

Yeah, Webasto is the canvas folding roof used on old European cars. From my understanding it's a brand name that's come to be used as a generic term for those types of roofs over the years.

Any car with an unequal wheelbase side-to-side is an interesting and worthy purchase, especially for pocket change. I hear you on the decals!