Friday, June 18, 2010

Johnnie Walker Black Label review taste test

Well, the Red Label taste test did not go so well.  After trying it a few times, it was so nasty I just dumped the rest out and recycled the glass bottle.

Black Label is the next step up.  It is the best selling of the line-up and has had many positive reviews.  Not wanting to waste money on a whole bottle, I ordered a Black Label on the rocks at this strange bar.

Well, though it's got the general taste and flavor of the Red Label, it was much smoother and easier to go down.  It's not milder per se, but the nasty edge was definitely gone.  I tried Chivas on the rocks recently for the first time.  I liked the Chivas better, but the Black Label is definitely not bad.

So onwards to the Green Label.  Now where am I going to find a bar that serves it?


Alan said...

Chivas is good no?

Keep at it, you start to like the stuff pretty quickly.

P.S. just visited Oakland and SF for the first time yesterday, you live in a beautiful and unique place.

Maxichamp said...

Chivas IS good.

Glad you enjoyed it up here. It was a pretty decent weekend weather-wise. Did you do anything fun?

Alan said...

Didn't really have time to do much, just stopped for a quick three or four hour visit on my way home from Yosemite and back down the 1 to San Diego.

Went with my father who's been dozens of times, we did all the corny touristy stuff like visiting Fisherman's Wharf, the two bridges, trolley car ride, Telegraph and Lombard. I'm absolutely in love with the place, though, and look forward to going back with my wife and some time to explore all the layers properly.

Maxichamp said...

I used to live on Telegraph above Larry Blakes's bar. It was very noisy and there was a fight every night when it closed.