Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What is Anthony Bourdain's favorite car?

Writer-chef-TV personality Anthony Bourdain will be signing books at Book Passage in the Ferry Building tomorrow at 10 am.  Barring a riot or fainting while waiting in line, I'll let you know what his favorite car is.  Because, hey, isn't that the first and only question you would ask him?

Answer here.


Alan said...

Tony is, no exaggeration, one of my heros. I don't have many.

I know he's a bit of a gearhead, too - can't wait for the answer!

P.S. give him a non-sexual man-crush hug for me :P

Maxichamp said...

Yeah, me too. He's a cool cat.

Given that he spent summers growing up in the French countryside, maybe he'll say....