Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A-Team movie trailer and A-Team TV show intro

If there's anything I shun more than blockbuster movies, it's remakes of classic TV shows.  The Brady Bunch, Starsky & Hutch, The Transformers.  Pass.

However, I must see the new A-Team movie this weekend.  The trailer is not exactly awe inspiring, but I'm drawn to it.

It's good to see the GMC van back.  In the 80s, you could go to Universal Studios' theme park in LA and there was an ultra light 1:1 replica of the van.  The driver's side wheels were bolted and hinged to the ground.  Kids, like me, could go on the passenger side and lift the van up with our superhuman strength and have our proud parents take pictures.  Good times.

I wonder if Face's original Corvette with the round taillights will make a cameo.

Here is the TV show's trailer.  I've always been bugged by the scene where BA Baracus is in the convertible's driver's seat and turns around.  Have you noticed how his right elbow bumps into the seatback, thus making his turning motion kind of stuttered?  I've always asked myself, even as a kid, couldn't they do another take so that the motion looked smoother?

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Alan said...

I remember my 5th or maybe 6th birthday cake - it was A-tem red and black with a little Matchbox team van on top.

I still have the van.

The movie will suck, but I'll still see it for kicks.