Sunday, June 13, 2010

Super French (Citroen Renault) car collection (Part 2 of 3)

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Location number two.  Open sesame.  Before my eyes, a Citroen extravaganza.  There's a BX on top.  Behind that is an XM, the one car I wanted to see more than any other.  Below the XM is an SM.   To the left of the SM is a DS convertible.  Not pictured: Above the DS convertible is a fuel injected DS.  To the right of the SM are another DS and the Peugeot 405 featured in BAT.

I have to control myself and save the XM 'til the end.  It looks brand new!

Okay, back to the BX.  This is probably the only BX in America.  It was imported by aerospace company Lockheed.  It was taken to Lockheed's wind tunnel because engineers were puzzled by how such a boxy car had such a low coefficient of drag (0.34).

The BX's 1980s era gauges, with a big dollop of creme de Citroen.

Sourire=To smile.  Out of Ron's incredible collection, the BX is surprisingly Ron's favorite.  His reason: He likes the hydropneumatic suspension mated to the lightweight body.

Next batter: Citroen SM-Sm-sm.  Very tidy Maserati engine.

Citroen SM interior.

This Citroen SM head unit is BETWEEN the front seats.  Tuning this radio is definitely more dangerous than texting.

Citroen SM tachometer and speedometer.

Citroen SM gear shift and choke.  This was SM World's Jerry Hathaway's personal car for 25 years.  The SM impresario is known for racing an SM on the Bonneville Salt Flats, and breaking records, and the SM-amino.

Many gratuitous shots of the Citroen SM.

This DS convertible came out of the Citroen factory and is not one of Chapron's creations.  The convertibles that came out of the factory are based on the longer DS Safari wagon, not the shorter DS sedan.

Close up of leather seat.

Where the leather seat meets the convertible top.

This is the convertible's turn indicator, which is situated just behind the convertible top.

California sun.

Beautiful rear end.

Another DS on deck.

This DS23 was restored in Holland.  What's up with the Dutch obsession with Citroens?


DS door.

DS gauges.


I will conclude the tour with my favorite, this XM.  It was first sold in Japan and was barely driven.

Citroen XM logo.

The first thing I noticed when I stepped into this XM was how cold it was inside.  I've always contended that American cars excelled in the HVAC category.  The XM's AC system is up there too.  Plus, it's whisper quiet.

Citroen XM center console.

Citroen XM door.

The end (of Part 2).


F1Outsider said...

Great stuff. I've always liked cars that are a bit different, but always thought that Citroens were a bit too different for me. Slowly though, they're growing on me.

Did I see a Tesla in the background?

Maxichamp said...

Yeah, that's a Tesla.

Alan said...

My. God. Words escape me. What a lucky man with taste. This must have been one of those experiences you never forget.

The Dutch obsession with Citroens cane easily be explained by legalized marijuana and mushrooms. Pickled fish, maybe too.

The interview is gonna be great!

longrooffan said...

Kashgar: That find renders me speechless. I, too, love the rear seat of a DS, I spent many hours in the rear of my Dad's 72. Thanks for sharing and thanks to Ron also.

Andrew said...

Words fail me. What an amazing collection. I would also love an XM.

John L said...

The Dutch obsession with Citroens? They're also obsessed with Model A Fords.

tanburo said...

André Citroën was born in Holland..

John L said...

....and Ettore Bugatti was an Italian.

Laurent Helljet said...


Laurent Helljet said...