Monday, October 06, 2008

Citroen DS Chapron Extravaganza

Fellow reader E sent us these photos of an odd Citroen that he saw at a Swiss car show this weekend.
It is a LeMan, the work of Henri Chapron, the famed (to some) coachbuilder. After the war, he focused on Citroens, crafting beautiful and functional models for the rich and powerful. His most famous works are based on the DS. He would later pen the SM Opera and Mylord.

A couple of Chapron experts I found had these exquisite black and whites of Chapron's DS masterpieces.




Palm Beach



Le Dandy




Andrew said...

C'est magnifique!

Here is my DS. Still in need of a little restoration.

Maxichamp said...

@Andrew: Your Goddess looks great as is.

Andrew said...

Yeah, but there's a difference between looking good and being good...

It has major electrical issues and some hydraulic problems. So I'm going to replace the entire wiring loom.

Anonymous said...


Here is my Chapron "Le Caddy" replica, it is a DS 21 Hyraulique from 1966:ën_DS_Cabriolet

The car has juist received new paint (color Bleu Royal AC 619) and will be shown in unfinished state at Citromobile, the Netherlands, from 7 to 8 May 2011.

The restauration will hopefully be finished at the end of this year.


The Netherlands

Maxichamp said...

@Martijn: Wonderful! Do you operate the camp and art store also? That clock for sale is genius.

If you have photos of Citromobile, please share it with us. Thanks.