Monday, October 13, 2008

Australian John Player Special BMWs

John Player Special and Lotus are nearly synonymous with each other. Because of the association, special edition Esprits and Europas with the trademark black and gold livery were sold.

What cars fans who live north of the equator may not know is that JPS played a huge role in promoting BMWs in Australia. The partners were particularly successful in the Australian Touring Car Championship (ATCC) series in the 1980s. And just as there were Lotus street cars with the JPS livery, there were Australian BMWs sold with the JPS package.

E21 racer:

E21 street (323i):

E24 racer (635CSi):

E24 street:

E30 racer (M3):
E30 street:


Anonymous said...

Actually those 6-series cars are E24, not E9.

Maxichamp said...

Edvin, I am hereby appointing you this blog's official BMW fact checker.


Anonymous said...

Lol, thanks. :) Not to be a nitpicker, but those just caught my eye.

Thank you for the excellent blog, just found this yesterday and I think you've got yet another daily reader!