Thursday, October 16, 2008

1962 Saab 95 Van

In America, Saabs are often owned by well-off liberals with graduate degrees. But Saabs are so much more than that. They are often workhorses, performing mundane tasks like delivering car parts.

This is a perfect example. 95 vans (wagons without rear seats or windows) were only exported to Denmark and Norway. A few, however, ended up in Great Britain. This 1962 model was used by a Saab dealer until the 1980s. It sat in the back of the shop for years until it was lovingly restored.

This 95 had a 46 horsepower 841 cc engine. That's a two stroke, 3 cylinder engine. I would bet some lawnmower engines are bigger and more powerful.

But this Saab has style. The photographer captured its understated toughness and reliability perfectly in these shots. I also think gray is the perfect color.

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