Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama And McCain In Nevada

I just spent three days in Reno, Nevada, volunteering for the Obama campaign. I spoke with a lot of voters and would-be voters. I interacted with both the McCain and Obama campaigns. And, most importantly, I was lucky enough to witness democracy in action. It is a beautiful thing.

Here are some observations:
  • Obama supporters are excited and want change; McCain supporters are excited because they are scared of change.
  • The McCain campaign is understaffed and very disorganized.
  • There are still quite a few people (both men and women) who support Hillary and believe the nomination was stolen from her because of her gender; a few are still on the fence about voting for Obama.
  • In Washoe County (where Reno is), among early voters, registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than 2 to 1; the last time a Democrat won Washoe County was LBJ!
  • There are a lot of first time voters of all ages.
The race in Nevada is so close, Bill visited Reno on Monday and Palin visited Reno on Tuesday. I even chatted with a real European journalist about the election.


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Edvin said...

Glad to see you supporting Obama. As I'm sure you're aware he (and you) practically have the whole world behind you, even if it doesn't concern us as much as you. I hope you Americans get it right this time. :)