Saturday, October 11, 2008

West Coast Formula One Circuits

(Here is something to chew on while we patiently wait for the Japan GP to start.)

For the first time in a long time, there will be no Formula One GPs on the North American continent. Here is a stroll down memory lane as we take a look at F1 circuits along the West Coast of the United States:

1. Riverside (1960): The USGP was held only once at Riverside International Raceway in Southern California, which is now the site of a shopping mall. The great Stirling Moss won it in a privately-owned Lotus.
2. Long Beach (1976-1983): For a while, Formula One was so big in America that it had two races every season. The West Coast race was called United States Grand Prix West and was held on the streets of Long Beach, California.

3. Las Vegas (1981-82): This was held at the Caesar's Palace parking lot. I think it should be revived as a venue.

4. Phoenix (1989-91): Another street circuit. Due to poor attendance, there would not be another USGP until Indy in 2000.


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