Monday, October 13, 2008

Ronin's Cars (450SEL 6.9, M5, S8, XM)

Shockingly, I own Ronin on DVD. I rarely watch it from beginning to end. Rather, I just watch the chase scenes. It was not until yesterday that I realized that I have covered all the major cars in the film on this blog.

E34 535i that looks kinda similar to an M5



Anonymous said...

The E34 used in Ronin was actually just a 535i with M5-wheels (although the wheels change in some scenes). You can tell it doesn't have the M5 bumpers or instrument cluster. It's a UK-registered 535i. The director John Frankenheimer is said to be a fan of M-cars and did not want to wreck an original M5 (535's are a lot cheaper too).

Maxichamp said...

Thanks Edvin. You are correct. I will make the requisite changes.