Saturday, July 23, 2022

All of the Bond films graded

Let's see how Dave and my grades stack up against Rotten Tomatoes' (audience) scores.

Best Bond film: Casino Royale

Worst Bond film: License to Kill

Best Bond actor: Daniel Craig

Worst Bond actor: Timothy Dalton

No Time to Die movie review

This is the end!

*I am going to crunch the numbers and compare our grades with Rotten Tomatoes'. Stay tuned.

Dave's review: It is difficult to describe the feelings one has after watching and digesting No Time to Die. Especially if you are a true Bond fan. There is the feeling that you've just witnessed a true cinematic masterpiece. There is also the feeling of deep sadness. There is a lot to cover here. Please note spoilers ahead. 

More than any other Bond film, Time tells a complete story full of human emotion and complexity. It starts by exploring Madelline's past, revealing the first of two secrets she is harboring. Ley Seydoux gives nothing less than an Oscar worthy performance in this film. She displays such strength and vulnerability in her role, the most complex of any Bond woman ever, Having Bond visit Vesper's grave to forgive her was a stroke of genius. This is when you know the filmmakers are being so true to the characters. Refreshing to see in an "action film." 

A perceived act of betrayal then ensues setting off Bond's journey, a journey that includes the deaths of Felix Leiter and Blofeld. Christoph Waltz is brilliant in the small amount of screen time he has. In one of the most compelling scenes in the movie he pushes Bond's buttons by letting him know he was wrong about everything. Craig's acting here is extraordinary. Imagine having your life turned upside down in five minutes and you're not supposed to react.

Bond's subsequent declaration of love to Madeline is compellingly real, right before he finds out she has been hiding a daughter from him. True to her character, she claims it isn't his. For the rest of the film there is an urgency unlike any previous Bond story, as now it's about protecting a child. It's pretty cool to see.  The suspense is further heightened through the utter creepiness of Rami Malek as Safin, definitely one of the more memorable Bond villains. 

Which brings us to THAT ending. Wow. My first reaction was how can you kill 007? If you really think about it, what else does it mean other than the end of the franchise? I don't buy the "it's the end of Craig's Bond." Killing off a character is killing off a character. But it is what it is. Shock value aside, it's a perfect ending to this film, with Madelline riding off into the sunset with Bond's daughter and Louis Armstrong's "We have all the time in the world" playing. And M's toast about man's purpose is to live, not exist is inspiring well beyond this film. Bravo for No Time to Die. A movie I will rewatch for years. 

TT's review: The Craig series (and perhaps the entire Bond series) ended with a BANG. I have never cried before during a Bond film, until now. They packed a lot in and they did it seamlessly. All the nods to past films. The opening car chase. Felix dying. The Cuban party. 007 as a dad! Although I look forward to seeing who will replace Craig, I am also fine if the franchise just ended with this movie. 

Dave's grade: A+

TT's grade: A+

Dave's reaction: I for one would not be ok if the franchise ends. This is the longest running film series in history. Like diamonds, it should go on forever. 

TT's reaction: Well said. Bravo.

TwitterPeek Mobile

This has to be the dumbest "invention" ever.

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Shinzo Abe hearse, part 2


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Chiron doing 259 mph on the Autobahn

Large oil tanker off of coast of Yemen at risk of spilling

It appears a Dutch company (the one that righted the Ever Given in the Suez) will try to empty the Safer this calendar year.

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Cuban cars

Losing the Rule of Law


The Battle of Midway

I was reading about China's latest aircraft carrier and thought about the Battle of Midway. I knew it was an epic clash involving battleships and planes, but I did not know the details. This video succinctly explains everything that took place.

TJ versus YJ

I've been helping a neighbor who had back surgery by warming up and driving his TJ around ten miles twice a week. It is far more civilized than my YJ but it was still rough, loud, uncomfortable, and hard to control.