Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Bentley Continental Flying Spur / VW Phaeton interior comparison

As you may know, 2005 and 2006 Flying Spurs were built alongside the Phaeton in Dresden.  So how similar are these two cars?  The biggest difference is the engine.  American Phaetons came with 4.2 liter V8s or normally aspirated 6.0 liter W12s.  The Bentley came with a twin turbo 6.0 liter W12.

But looking at the interiors, the layouts are virtually identical.  It's just that the Bentley has a lot more leather and chrome.  I've gathered some interior pictures of the four-seat models of the Bentley and the VW as well as saabkyle04's comprehensive videos of each car.

Bentley front:

Phaeton front: (Note that the vents are behind the wood dash paneling.)

Bentley back:

Phaeton back:

Bentley dash:

Phaeton dash: (The gauges are identical, except the VW also gets oil temp and volt readouts.)


Alan said...

The VW is a much better looking car. More modern, less contrived, cleaner, more elegant.

MattC said...

There are both beautiful interiors. I am somewhat suprised at the coomon elements of both cars. It really makes the Phaeton an underrated bargain.

Ravi said...

Both cars have remarkable interiors, as a matter of fact Phaethon interiors is more like
classy and sober...If I talk about Bentley so its complete modern super luxurious package but that doesn't I am telling phaeton is not luxurious....

Marc said...

Actually, both cars are good in their own respect. In fact, I like both. But of course obviously it is the Bentley that has more stuff. But of course let's just say, for example that I already have a Maserati, then I would go for the Phaeton. For me, having more than one exotic in my garage would be too much for me. Otherwise, I would go with the Bentley if that had to be the only car I would own.

Profile said...

I know the last post is from a year ago, but let me assure you the Phaeton is on hell of a motor. Having owned a 3.0TDi 4Motion for ten months, it is an absolute beauty to drive and be driven-in. Double-glazed windows and good use of deadening material makes the car whisper quite.

The Bentley is actually based on the Phaeton.

Unknown said...

You are all wrong. Of course cars have similarities. Just like any luxury 4-door sedan, you can only mix-up the interior so much. They all need steering wheels, gauges and 4 seats. But that is where the similarities stop. VW's design is all about square, sleek, clean, while the Bentley is all about circles, curves, and making each seat seem like it's own pod. The VW is all open space that flows into each other space. The dash of the Bentley wraps around the left closing off the front dash from the door, where the VW has a smooth transition from dash to door. The Bentley has curved dash on both passenger and driver sides, which comes out making all the gauges recessed into the dash. The VW is all flat across the entire dash. They both took the same platform, luxury 4-door sedan, and styled each to each brand's style. This goes for almost any car. Unless you are inventing a new crossover, any vehicle will have a similar base as any of its competitors. That's what makes them competitors, they are the same platform, luxury sedan, but they compete to see who made the best version of that platform. All luxury sedans will have similarities, that's why they have their own class. It's called Apples to apples comparison. If you take completely different cars, you are comparing apples to oranges. And lastly, the VW is clearly less luxurious than the Bentley. Where the Bentley completes the wood grain and nice cushion in the back seat armrest, the VW seems to have cut corners in these areas, as well as others. Same for the engine, Bentley goes balls to the wall, while VW has muted versions of the Bentley engine. VW is the people's car, and will always take steps towards affordability, wherein the Bentley is for the super rich, and always takes steps towards luxury over price. Let's not forget how VW got started, Porsche was making tanks for the Nazi's, and Hitler asked him to make a car that would be fitting for the people of his communist regime; so, Porsche made the VW Beetle. So while we have forgiven the Germans, we will never forget. So, while this will not stop me from buying a VW, it's definitely considered because these roots do determine the essence of the brand. VW's essence is not that of luxury, while Bentley's essence is nothing but luxury. The cars have not only styling differences, but the spirit of each brand is completely different. VW will always be a little cheap, while Bentley will always be a little over the top with luxury. Granted, they are now both owned by VW, and maybe that's why you all see some similarities, VW's roots come from making cheap junk like the Beetle, Bentley's roots come from making British luxury vehicles fit for Kings and Queens. So, just like your siblings, granted they come from the same family, which grants some similarities, the path they took to get here makes the vastly different from each other. Bentley will always be nicer, VW will always be cheaper. End of story.

Chay D said...

Initially, I was inclined to disagree with you, but you do raise some valid observations. However, bear in mind that the similarities between the two cars do run deeper than just both being in the luxury saloon class (i.e. that they're both based on the VW D1 platform, that is; same chassis, transmission, suspension, brakes, electrics etc - not engines though, I think, as you rightly said the VW W12, for example is de-tuned compared to the Bentley.) Both cars are remarkably well engineered machines, but, given that I can't afford a Bentley, but I can afford a Phaeton, I know which car I would (and did) get. If I wanted to show off how obnoxiously wealthy I was and wanted the ultimate in luxury, I'd buy a gold Rolls Royce (...I mean posh BMW 7 series!).