Monday, June 20, 2022

Havana restaurants on my itinerary

The travel agency deposited my check, so the Cuba trip is confirmed! I am so excited. Here are the restaurants they will be taking me to:

1. Cafe Laurent. Lonely Planet calls it a hidden gem. An unsigned fine dining restaurant inside an ugly 1950s apartment block.

2. Atelier. Stupendous wall art. Cuban food with French influence. Here is a CCTV interview from 2015:

3. Paladar Los Mercaderes. One of the most refined restaurants in Cuba.

4. Tierra. It's inside a huge art space that was once a cooking oil factory.

5. Cafe Ajiaco. This place looks fantastic. But as I'm researching this, I am realizing that most places do not have air conditioning. And I am not good with humidity. I am also going to be drinking a lot of rum-based cocktails.

6. Nazdarovie. Cuban-Soviet themed restaurant! We will be greeted by the owner, a Canadian lawyer, and he will give us a lecture on CROSS-BORDER INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES.

7. La Guarida. The final meal.

Monday, June 06, 2022

Top Gun Maverick

This is an excellent movie. The actors were filmed inside real flying F/A-18s. USA! USA!