Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lafayette Motorama 2010 pictures

The first annual Motorama is here.  It leans heavily towards domestic cars and there were quite a few pre-war cars, including an iconic beige Cord.  These are my favorites:

What is this?  It was parked in a long line of American iron.

Isabella coupe.  Still does not ring a bell.

Borgward?!  Say that quickly three times.

It's a Borgward Isabella.  A German car.  I had to Google it while standing in front of it.  I have no idea what the yellow tape is for.

Superleggera.  Is it gonna be a Lamborghini 350GT, or an Aston?

It's a DB6.  That's a Ferrari Daytona next to it.

Outrageous Buick jet plane hood ornament.

Nash Metropolitan.  Now I know there are at least two in the neighborhood.

This is easily the most beautiful car at the show.  It's a Jaguar XK120 FHC (fixed head coupe).

Could it be too shiny?


Rich said...

I keep missing these cute local events. Who's got a calendar that I can subscribe to? :-)

Edvin said...

That Borgward is in the process of detailing, I believe that's the reason for the yellow tape. You can clearly see that the driver's side is a lot shinier than the passenger's. Detailers like to do these 50/50 shots. Not sure if they did that on purpose or just ran out of time.

Maxichamp said...

@Edvin: You're right. And, the major sponsor of the show was a classic car detailing company. It was putting signs on various cars saying: "This car was detailed by XYZ Detailing Company."

Alan said...

I read on BaT that the Isabelle coupe came to exist because the director's wife fell in love with the then new VW Karmann Ghia. VW being a direct competitor of Borgward's, he had his team design a similar car to please his wife.

The XK surely is a thing of beauty. The detailing is where it's at.

John L said...

That's a really great looking Jag.

Maxichamp said...

The shine- it was like looking in a mirror.

Solon said...

Should I assume this was NOT Lafayette, Indiana? I am hoping it is, because I would really like to attend next time...can you post some more detailed info on the location and dates?

Maxichamp said...

Sorry, it's in California.