Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Transformers that don't transform

I was at the drug store last night and saw these Transformers for sale.

So it says on the front: "See back for 'robot'" and "Product does not convert".

Here is the back of the package.

The toys do not transform into robots.  Rather, the robot is etched onto the bottom of the car.  Dumb.


F1Outsider said...

You should see failblog for some really dumb toys.... Like Thomas The Train transformers.

Alan said...

GI Joe and Transformers were some of my favorite toys as a kid.

While GI Joe vehicles were never all that high quality, at least they had some cool features and were built decently well. Today they're really crappy.

Transformer used to be part metal with elaborate joints and a precision feel, today they're all plastic and not nearly as creative or interesting in their workings - this particular example is pathetic and as insulting as a Bruckheimer abortion wearing the same name. About as complex and interesting as Megan Fox. Probablu eats more. Doesn't have as many etchings.