Wednesday, December 07, 2011

2 batteries in Phaeton

 Wires galore

Am slowly learning the intricacies of the Popemobile.  It has two batteries, both in the trunk.  One is for starting, the other is for accessories.  But there's more to it.

1. If the starter battery's charge is depleted, the accessories battery will automatically take over to start the car.
2. At temperatures below 10 degrees C, the batteries will work in tandem to start the car.
3. When an airbag is deployed, an explosive charge (!) will detonate and disconnect the starter battery at the positive terminal.

Info via PanEuropean, Phaeton guru extraordinaire.

BTW, the frozen tie rods issue is no more.  The local mom-and-pop shop used equal parts penetrating lubricant, patience, and strategically placed thwacks of a hammer to loosen the tie rods.  Thereafter, they were able to complete the wheel alignment job.


MattC said...

My old co-worker used to work at a VW dealership (as an autotech). He told me many stories of the engineering of the Phaeton. (such as the headlamp assemblies are motorized to assist in replacing the headlamps). It truly is a marvelous car that did not sell well due to the VW moniker.

midelectric said...

I didn't pay much attention to the Phaeton when it debuted but to see a car engineered up to a spec rather than down to a price is a rare treat these days. I look forward to more posts about its intricacies.

Alan said...


Can you share more about the headlamp assemblies?


I love your car - you have to show it and C&C when you come down.

Maxichamp said...

@MattC: I'm trying to find the headlamp motor info online. I know that when I unlock the doors at night, the headlamps dip down and up, like someone opening their eyes.

@Alan: Already found a place to detail the car on Friday afternoons and a garage to store it on Friday nights. Just have to pick a rainless weekend next year.

MattC said...

I will try to find that info for you.

MattC said...

I think I might be wrong. There is a headlamp motor to controls the driection of the headlights( again that may be what my old co-worker was taking about). There is a VWvortex forum post about replacing the bulbs and then later the whole assembly (if it needed to be replaced). Sorry about that.

Ripple7 said...

In august I purchased an E39 touring- my first German auto that I've dreamed about for years. I too have found the Germans love to over engineer. The phaeton is such a solid car really looking forward to future posts!

Maxichamp said...

@Ripple7: Sweet ride! You don't see many of those wagons here in the States.

Alan said...


No worries man - thanks for checking on it.