Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Carspotting: Lotus Esprit

Saw this engineless Esprit on Sunday.  Thinking about writing it up for Hooniverse.  Aside from our Swiss reader, does anyone else have any first-hand knowledge about this car?  TIA.


MattC said...

The Esprit initially came with a normally aspirated 4 cylinder engine. Lotus then switched to a Dodge sourced turbocharged 4 cylinder and finally an aluminum V8 engine. Ironically, the V8 had too much torque for the fragile gearbox so they had limit the power of those motors.

I had limited seat time in a later V8 powered version around the late 1990's (not mine but a friend of my wife's family) and I remember it was very quick. I still think it is a beautifully styled car. Not much help, I know but that is my only experience with the Esprit.

By the way, congratulations on writing for Hooniverse. I have been away for a week.

MattC said...

Self-editing here:

The Turbo was inhouse design not Dodge designed. I have been wrong about that for years (compliments of Wikipedia)

deloreanz said...

I bought this Turbo Esprit and am currently rebuilding the engine to get it back on the road. I just happened upon this picture and thought I'd check in. I'm a DeLorean owner and fan, which naturally got me interested in the Esprits which I've come to learn a great deal about so far during this project.

Maxichamp said...

@delorenz: Welcome and congrats!

I wrote more about your car here:

Please keep us posted on the progress of your Lotus.

deloreanz said...

Hi again. Just the other day I started it up and took it for a quick test drive. You can check out my progress on this Lotus Talk forum thread.