Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Visiting a Saab dealership

With all the eulogizing this week after Saab's bankruptcy, I thought I'd visit the local Saab dealership.

There were nine new Saabs there: three 9-3s, two 9-4Xs, and four 9-5s.  I scooped up one of every brochure they had left.  The employees there were surprisingly upbeat, holding out hope that the Chinese would buy what's left of Saab.  The new Saabs do not come with warranties, despite pleadings to GM to cover the 2010 and 2011 models.

This 1967 Sonnett II is for display purposes only and belongs to a local enthusiast.


Alan said...

I really do hope the Chinese swoop in. The new 9-5 really seems to be a lovely car and a return to form for Saab. God save quirk.

The 9-4xs you saw are apparently quite rare, something like 175 being made in total if what I read on oppositelock is to be believed.

The Sonnett is something I'd do very bad things for, especially in 2-stroke form.

Maxichamp said...

@Alan: I'd love to hear the engine of that wee Sonnett.

Am hopefully going to the Anti-Football Run on 1/1. There's usually a Sonnett there. Will report on it.

Alan said...

There's one that shows up at Irvine C&C on occasion. We like to stay and watch (and listen to) the cars drive off. Once my wife asked "why does that car sound like a weed-whacker?" - it was fun explaining it to her.

I have virtually zero-interest in sports besides NBA playoffs (I'm a Chicago child of the early 90s, it can't be helped) so a car show called Anti-Football strongly appeals.

Any intersting car-related Christmas plans?

Maxichamp said...

@Alan: Nope, just chillin' with the in-laws. And you?

For the Anti-Football Run, will hopefully ride shotgun in rchen's GTV6 or near mint 1981 Honda Accord. It's a win-win, baby!

Alan said...

No special plans, also just kickin' it with the in-laws.

With any luck I get a cool model for a gift, maybe that AutoArt 787B I've been dropping hints about.

Here's hoping it's the GTV6. I was admiring a clean first-gen Accord on the freeway this morning, neat cars for sure but lacking something when compared with an Alfa.