Friday, December 09, 2011

VW Technical Solution 2013463

Phaeton owners must be the biggest pains in the ass.  For example,:

See those two ashtrays in the picture above?  Owners were complaining that they were not popping out at the same velocity.  Apparently, enough owners complained to VW that the manufacturer actually came out with a fix.

Technical Solution 2013463 "Slow Opening Ashtrays" instructs the technician to remove the ashtray assemblies, unscrew the J523 display unit above the ashtrays, place his hands inside the spaces where the ashtrays used to be, gently lift the J523 display, and re-set the display down so that its weight is evenly distributed on top of the two ashtray assemblies.

Okay, kids, that's enough Phaeton posts for now.  Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Via VWVortex Phaeton forum.


ardas said...

Please post more this kind of information if you find any. Oddly it is interesting :)

Alan said...

Don't be modest, it's fascinating. Love these posts.