Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mercedes CLK 55 AMG promo video

The cheesy promo shows a CLK 55 beating a private plane from SoCal to NorCal.  During the housing bubble in California, these coupes were everywhere.  I'm sure it's a very competent car, but I just didn't see its appeal.  It seems like Merc just got lazy and decided to stuff the "55" AMG engine in everything.  Was there ever an A55 or B55 AMG?


Edvin said...

Nope, no A/B55's. They are quite small fwd family cars and MB isn't/wasn't crazy enough to stuff a big V8 in them. There was an A210 Evolution "AMG" but the only thing AMG about it was the suspension and bodykit. Only 140hp and 0-60 of 8.2 secs. The B class and the newer A class had a 190hp turbo four but without the AMG name.

The CLK's weren't that popular here, so I wouldn't mind one, but there are a number of cars I would buy before it. I agree on the 55 AMG engine though, it didn't quite seem worthy of the AMG name (until they supercharged it), unlike the beasts of today.

Alan said...

Perhaps the cheapest-looking MB ever made. The interior appeared to have been molded from one piece of plastic, the exterior had no tension whatsover - looked like an overstuffed bag.

Maxichamp said...

@Alan: It seems like the boys and girls in Stuttgart made this car specifically for California realtors and exurban residents flush with HELOC money.