Wednesday, April 08, 2015

2015 mushroom cloud attack ad (Rand Paul)

You non-Americans will find this fascinating, upsetting, and/or depressing.

Rand Paul is the second major Republican to announce a run for the 2016 US Presidency. He is a libertarian, which means he thinks the only legitimate responsibility of the federal government is to defend the country militarily, and pretty much nothing else. Paul disagrees with his fellow Republicans on many issues. One, he doesn't believe we should waste our money on foreign aid or on foreign wars. Two, he thinks imprisoning people for drug offenses is also a waste of money.

Well, he's enough of a threat that a political entity set up by anonymous donors is spending $1,000,000 to air the following TV ad. It will be playing continuously in the first four states that will hold presidential primaries/caucuses (Iowa, population 3.1 million; New Hampshire, 1.3 million; South Carolina, 4.8 million; and Florida, 19.9 million). These secret organizations are the result of massive statutory loopholes and an inept Supreme Court. No doubt the funding for this ad is from a tycoon who is supporting another Republican candidate (probably Jeb Bush).

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