Sunday, April 05, 2015

5 great SoCal meals (with commenter Ed bonus)

The quick trip down south was a success. On top of seeing family, friends, and the Formula E race, I also lucked out with every meal.

1. Sophy's Cambodian, Long Beach, breakfast. I was headed to Long Beach for the race and met up with Commenter Ed. He and I share not only a passion for cars, but we're coincidentally the same age and went to rival cross-town high schools. We each got the Phnom Penh noodles. He got the soup and I got the dry style. The portions were generous and ridiculously cheap. An order of the flavorful noodles and a Thai iced tea was just $3.95 (not a typo).

BTW, you all know this already, but Ed is a good guy and a smart guy with a unique background. I am very fortunate to have him and all of you around. Thank you!

2. Tokyo Doggie Style, food truck, lunch. The Formula E venue was the Long Beach street circuit. Around two dozen food trucks provided the meals. I made a beeline for Tokyo Doggie Style and got this bacon wrapped curry dog and a side of octopus balls. Again, a home run.

3. Pier 76, Long Beach, dinner. After the race, my buddy and I walked over to Pier 76. It had great reviews on Yelp and I was under the impression that it was a formal sit-down joint. Wrong. Rather, you order at the register, get a number, and they bring your food to the table. There were no plates or bowls. Just wax paper on a metal tray. All of the items on the menu were simple, fresh, and healthy.

4. Spires, Tustin, breakfast. This is an old school Orange County chain of diners. The clientele is definitely 80 and over. The number of handicapped parking spaces in front of the restaurant attests to this. I have a sentimental spot for this place because my step-dad has been taking me there since I was a kid. I took him there this morning and as he has done repeatedly for 30 plus years, he thoroughly embarrassed me by flirting with the waitress.

5. Coco Ichibanya, lunch. I've been craving this place for days. It's a Japanese chain with a few locations in Southern California. I wish they had one up in Northern California. You get to choose the spiciness level of your curry. I thought I could handle a Level 6 (out of 10) the first time I went there but my GI tract replied no. I got a Level 3 today and it was perfect. My friend Steve tried it for the first time today and got a Level 6. He went to the restroom twice while we were eating, supposedly to "blow his nose".

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Ed Kim said...

Fantastic finally meeting in person! I am still scratching my head over the $3.95 Phnom Penh Noodles and drink. But more importantly, great to talk cars, travel, and life in person.