Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The car search continues

Bad news. That blue Saab wagon was sold to someone else the day before our planned pre-purchase inspection. I called the dealership with the yellow Saab wagon that needed a new oil pan. It's not ready yet because they still have not sourced an oil pan.

I have spent too much time online looking for the perfect car. My eyes are shot. So now, I'm just going to sit back and let the automotive gods bring me a car. Although, I am pretty sick and tired of driving the Dodge Charger rental. It is a freaking boat and no fun at all.

So, this white TT popped up nearby. It looks tidy. I'm concerned about the short commutes this car was subjected to. But it's beautiful. What's the word on these early TTs? Lemons?


Ed Kim said...

Gorgeous car, for sure. Being closely related to the fourth generation Golf/Jetta, it shares those cars' quirks. Here are the things you need to be aware of:

1. Breaking window regulators cause the windows to drop into the doors.

2. Coil packs can fail. There was a recall years ago, so this might no longer be an issue.

3. Mass air flow sensors are notoriously bad.

4. A very good friend of mine has one...her fuel gauge has never accurately worked. Dealer has never been able to fix it.

5. There will probably be lots of squeaks and get used to it.

All this might sound scary, but it's really not any harder to keep this on the road than any other older Golf or Jetta. And it's one of the prettiest cars of the last couple decades!

Ed Kim said...

BTW, I speak from experience...sort of. I owned the wagon counterpart to this TT. VW Jetta 1.8T wagon with a five-speed manual. Same engine, same transmission, and same chassis (including the torsion beam rear suspension). There was a 225 HP version too that had quattro all wheel drive and independent rear suspension, but this 180 HP FWD will be fine too.

Maxichamp said...

@Ed: Thanks for the input!

mtc said...

I think the first generation TT is a bona fide future classic, but somehow don't feel that it is the right car for you. And I think that 'rightness' is very important when it comes to buying a car.