Thursday, April 30, 2015

Quick, what can you tell me about this Jetta wagon?

2009; one-owner; 33,000 miles. What the heck is a 5-speed manual with overdrive?

Also, any reputable shops to do a PPI near BuggyBank? Model Garage?

Gonna check it out tomorrow morning.


MattC said...

Please, do not do it. I love how VW's drive but almost everyone I know who has had a late model VW has had reliability nightmares. (I have an air cooled VW, so it isn't a slam on VW or the brand)

Alan said...

I just gave back a rental 2015 sedan with the new and very good turbo motor.

By all accounts it's a vastly improved car over the previous generation you're looking at here.

It felt cheap and wasn't very nice to drive. Transportation at best. No sparkle.

Great motor though.

Don't do it.

P.S. after 800 very easy miles it developed a heat shield rattle and was essentially brand new when I picked it up.

mtc said...

To add another voice to chorus, you can do better than a VW Jetta, especially this VW Jetta. Not a bad car, but you can do better.