Sunday, August 07, 2016

Land Cruiser Big Mac index

The Economist famously has the Big Mac index to compare costs between countries. I tried to do the same with Land Cruisers...and it's a mess. First, not all countries sell the Land Cruiser 200. Plus, there are different engines. And unhelpfully, I have not taken taxes into account. I have a feeling that with taxes, countries like Norway would have the most expensive cars.

I took 10 representative countries and found the following:

China, Land Cruiser 200 (Made In China), 4.6l gas, VX-R trim, $173,649

Australia, Land Cruiser 200, 4.6l gas, Sahara trim, $86,167

U.S.A., Land Cruiser 200, 5.7l gas, $83,825

Saudi Arabia, Land Cruiser 200, 5.7l, $75,993

Mexico, Land Cruiser 200, 5.7l gas, $75,346

Brazil, SW4 (Like a Fortuner), 4.0l gas, $68,426

South Africa, Land Cruiser 200, 4.5l diesel, $67,968

Japan, Land Cruiser 200, 4.6l gas, ZX trim, $66,859

Norway, Prado, 2.9l diesel, $57,073

France, Prado, 2.8l diesel, Lounge trim, $54,171


Ripituc said...

Are you sure tax s are not already included in the prices?

Constantine Firun said...

Why there is no Russia in a list?
LC is one of the most popular SUV on the local market, and it costs here less than $70k.

sebasm said...

In Argentina it's 173800, with taxes, for the 4.5 diesel. So we win? almost? It's a sad thing to win :(

Tarlan said...

Cheapest one in Baku 4.6 petrol 95 000 $