Saturday, August 06, 2016

Brazilian police attack Alemao favela

I read about this operation in the book Brazillionaires. The police flushed out the local gang and it was all televised. The police hardware is pretty diverse, from old VW vans to Huey helicopters to APCs. By the way, what is that black SUV?


slirt said...

Can't post pics in reply?

I recognized the black SUV, but it took me a bit of searching: GM D20 Veraneio
basically a Brazilian-built Suburban... there's also Ford versions (before USDM got Explorers/Excursions)

Ed Kim said...

Yes, exactly. Chevrolet Veraneio. Sort of a weird alternate universe Suburban. Similar glass as the North American version (which is what makes it look familiar), but completely different sheetmetal.

The weirdest thing is that the design language of the bodysides and front end look very Ford F-Series of the time, making it look like a weird mashup of Chevrolet and Ford design!

You could also get them in two-door form, like the old K20 Blazer.