Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Stalin's 1938 letter to his son's teacher

I would be shitting bricks if I were the teacher.

"To teacher comrade Martyshin. I have received your letter about escapades of Vasily Stalin. Thank you for the letter. Replying with a great delay because of being overloaded with work. My apologies. Vasily is a spoiled young man of average abilities, little wildman, not always honest, likes to blackmail weak "teachers", not rarely an insolent fellow, with weak - or more accurately - unorganized willpower.
He was spoiled by various "god fathers" and "god mommies", who continually emphasize that he is "Stalin's son". I am glad that in your person there is at least one self-respecting teacher who treats Vasily as everyone else and demands that the insolent boy follows the school's policy. Vasily is spoiled by principals like the one you mentioned, washcloth-people [means spinless in Rus.], who have no place at school; and if insolent Vasily hasn't destroyed himself yet it is because our country still has teachers who don't give slack to the little young swell.
My advice: demand stricter from Vasily and don't be affraid of fake blackmail threats of "suicide" from the capricious child. You will have my support.
Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to fuss with Vasily myself. But promise to grab him by the collar from time to time.

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Ripituc said...

That teacher must have been the bravest man on Earth, to have that about Vassily in the first place!