Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Austin: Prognosis Negative

With less than two weeks before the F1 race in Texas, I still don't have a ticket yet. My friend and I are on a waiting list to get garage access and it doesn't look like it's happening. I was hoping that with the championship already clinched, less people would attend. But it looks like the race will be as well attended as last year, if not more so.

Here is a shot from last year.


augie said...

hope you make it to austin. this year is a no-go for me, but maybe next year.

i saw this extremely interesting clip showing side-by-side vettel vs. button qualifying in japan. very interesting the different lines they take. enjoy.


halifaxf1fan said...

That is a great track!

m4ff3w said...

You going to make it? I'll be there for practice on Friday, for sure. Hopefully Sat and Sunday as well.

Maxichamp said...

@m4ff3w: I can't make it. Have fun! How's the Isuzu?

m4ff3w said...

Isuzu was a no go, horrible rod knock and then I got a letter from public works about my "junk vehicles" none of which were not junk.

We had an amazing time at the race. We managed to get a golf cart onto pit lane, took a picture with Grosjean's trophy, took the cart around the track, and then got into the paddocks. In the paddocks we walked into the Lotus team suite and ate some of their spead in there. We tried getting into Vettel's garage while they were disassembling his car, but we got kicked out before we got in.



Needless to say, it was an epic weekend.

augie said...

AWESOME work @m4ff3w!

Maxichamp said...

@m4ff3w: You win the internet today, dude.