Saturday, November 09, 2013

Isuzu Impulse dash (retro flashback)

I stay away from Bring A Trailer as much as possible. It's like heroin. And this post about an Impulse is why. It was my first car and the nostalgia is strong with this one. The dash is so wacky, it reminds me of something Citroen would have come up with. eBay listing here. H/t to rchen.

You could adjust the angle of those two side pods.

My cruise control didn't work. And yes, that is the overdrive button, between the rear defroster and the turn signal switches.

My A/C and fan didn't work either. The rear wiper did though!

I took mine up to 80 mph once on the 405. It was scary as the rear end felt like it was lifting off the ground over every road imperfection. It cost about $11 to fill up the tank. This was around 1991.

The radio worked, but the cassette deck didn't. That is the stock equalizer. I had a tendency to turn up the bass, and it sounded horrible. I read Crutchfield catalogs (remember those?) and daydreamed of installing a bazooka tube, an amp, and a couple of 6x9s, some midranges, and tweeters.


Richard Chen said...

Had no idea it had cigarette lighters in *each* armrest. De-luxe!

Alan said...

Nice one.

A BaT comment pointed out the toasty feet or blowing hair fan control icons.

I wonder why no one's swapped an S2000 drivetrain into one of these yet.

Maxichamp said...

@Alan: BAT is a national treasure.