Sunday, November 17, 2013

1956 Leningrad

Via Flavio Gomes.

Any Russian readers know what this says? Thanks in advance.


Sanchez said...

It is a self made car by someone A. Babich. Made in Leningrad (former name of St. Petersburg), hence the name. Engine is 3.5L 90 hp straight-6 taken from GAZ 12 "Zim". Max speed is 130 km/h.

More interesting Soviet sport cars:

1938 GAZ GL-1
3,3L straight-4, 65 hp, 162 km/h.
The car was destroyed but recently was recreated again.

1939 ZIS 101А Sport
6L straight-8, 141 hp, 162 km/h.
The car was also recreated recently.

1962 ZIL 112SЗИЛ-112С.jpg
Two cars were made: 6L V8 240 hp and 7L V8 270hp.
Russian Testarossa. One of two still exists and is in museum in Riga.

1978 Lada VFTS

1986 Lada Eva
1.8 L4 Turbo, 300-350 hp, RWD.
Developed by VFTS team. USSR's take on Group B Rally cars. Two prototypes built. I think one is in private collection in Lithuania.

1990 Lada Samara T3
Porsche opposite 3.6L 400 hp engine, 4x4 Porsche 959 Transmission.
I reckon it is an evolution of Lada Eva.
Developed by French Team Oreca.
Driven in 1990 Paris-Dakar by Jackie Ickx to 7th place and in 1991 Paris-Dakar by Auriol to 5th!

Sanchez said...

Here's something extremely cool I found.
Melkus RS2000 for sale!ünchen/173407428.html

Here's Melkus Wiki page:

Technically it was the only dedicated sport car manufacturer in Eastern Block!

Edvin said...

Sanchez: Comment(s) of the year right there. So many cool cars!

Lukas said...

I love that the car and the bus behind it have matching colour schemes.

Nickmix01 said...


Maxichamp said...

@Nickmix01: Of course. Anything I can do to help a fellow car enthusiast!

Ripituc said...

Amazing! Who knew an individual could come up with something as awesome in Soviet Russia.