Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Identify those cars

Recently, an old mural was uncovered in Sausalito. It reads, in maritime flags: Bank of America, Sausalito, Cal. But just look at this archival photo from the newspaper story!

H/t to S (the dude who bought my Phaeton).

P.S. I had a dream about the Phaeton last night. I borrowed it from S and drove it to Mexico, where I was promptly kidnapped. It was an uncomfortable experience and I kept asking myself, How am I going to explain this to S?


mtc said...

My crack at this, from L to R: Jaguar XK150 roadster, Porsche 356 (B or C, one of those) cabriolet, Volkswagen Beetle, Wolseley Hornet/Riley Elf.

mtc said...

BTW, how amazing is it to see four furrin' cars parked side by side like this in the '60s. Truly a sign that this photo doesn't originate from Everytown, USA.

midelectric said...

I'd guess an Austin America on the right but otherwise agree

mtc said...

I think you are right about that, as they were actually sold in North America.