Friday, November 29, 2013

Book of Mormons

We went to see Book of Mormons. It was pretty entertaining, but wasn't as amazing as I was led to believe. If you've seen South Park, the movie, it's about that raunchy/funny.

It's about a couple of missionaries who go to Uganda to convert the locals. While watching the show, I began to think of all the countries where Mormons are converting people. So I made this map. (Blue denotes Mormons on bicycles.)

To you non-Americans-- What is the perception of Mormon missionaries in your country? And how do they get 2-year visas?

I found this interesting. In the program for the show, there were ads paid for by the Mormon church. I commented to my wife (sort of loudy) during intermission about how black people weren't allowed into the church until 1978. In response, she shushed me. Here is one of the three ads in my program.

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