Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cars in front of Concordes

The man supposedly holds the record as the most traveled person in the world.

Also, I was looking at a list of airports the Concorde has been to. Does anyone have a picture of the Concorde in Oakland? Apparently, it was the only profitable route for the plane. It would fly people out of Oakland, get up to Mach 2, go halfway to Hawaii, and fly back. Whut?

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TheMirageowner said...

I worked for the airlines while in college. The Concorde would land once a year in BWI. However, it would typically go out of Dulles (IAD) on a semi regular basis.

A real shame about the Concorde since it wasn't allowed to travel at its full potential (do to noise complaints, it wouldn't go all out until it was well away from the coastline) My biggest airline regret is not taking one trip on it. However for a poor college kid, a Non Rev ticket on the Concorde was well in the 4 figures.