Sunday, March 31, 2013

Exotics Racing photo dump

I will post a more detailed write-up on Hooniverse. In fact, I'm trying to finish writing multiple posts for Crasstalk and Hooniverse as I won't have regular access to the internet for a few weeks. Soon, my posts will be more sporadic. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram, as I will try to communicate more there.

The cars were parked under a tent because of the bright Las Vegas sun. Thus, the photos turned out sorta crappy. Participants can sit in all of the cars without supervision, except the Aventador and the McLaren. Here is the Turbo S.

Here's my ride, the 430 Scuderia.



Scud again.

I literally looked at the gauges twice during my entire driving experience. Thankfully, there were little red lights on the steering wheel telling me when to shift.

This was my drifting ride, a Z06 Corvette. Rudy Ibanez was the driver. They go through two to three sets of tires every day.

Here I am, not crapping in my pants.

Before we drove, we got to ride in a Cayenne for two laps to familiarize ourselves. They had a Cayenne and a Cayenne GTS. I rode in the regular Cayenne and it was fun. We all thought we were going to roll over because the SUV was so top heavy. There were five of us in it and we weighed on average 200+ pounds.

The place was fairly packed. I was surprised by how many people there were. And there were a lot of Brazilian tourists.

I drove "home" in this, my mom's Beetle. I had the urge to just floor it in the parking lot.

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