Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Food for my bus trip

On long distance bus trips in 3rd world countries, I absolutely cannot get sick. So while I'm riding, I try my best not to eat the local foods. I partake in the native cuisine only after I have arrived at my final destination. So on the bus, it's packaged foods from the States, bottled water, and beer.

Today, I went to Trader Joe's and stocked up for my Central America bus trip. I will be eating 16 Luna bars (8 flavors), two bags of beef jerky, and dried fruit (bananas and mangos).

But just in case, I'll also be bringing six rolls of toilet paper.


steve-vh said...

Very smart, bringing your own TP. was advised on a trip to the PI and was very happy i took the advice. Even the massive shopping malls lacked TP and seats

Maxichamp said...

@Steve: Is PI the Philippines?

Lukas said...

I got a traveller's first aid kit for my sojurns to dodgier countries overseas - includes things like gastrolyte in case of the runs, and also a "blocker". Don't forget the hand sanitiser too!