Sunday, March 24, 2013

2013 24 Hours of LeMons at Sears Point photos

A more detailed write-up will be on Hooniverse. Here is a preview.

All of the Alfas produced great sounds.

This 1994 Volvo 940 had a pretty smart suspension upgrade because it was passing everybody in the corners.

It seems FC RX7s and Miatas were the most popular donor vehicles.

This Prius is powered by a Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine. And it's chain-driven. It had to pit often and did not sound good after Lap 1.

A lot of obscure British cars, including this Austin America.

This W126 turbodiesel was my favorite. It was big, shiny, and cool. Plus, you could hear the diesel chatter from miles away. It was not fast.

I can't tell what this Jeep was originally.

Telstar Logistics drove this Volvo wagon. It was not quick either.


Ray and Scott from Hooniverse brought two twin-engined Toyotas from Utah. They were awesome.

This W140 coupe may have the largest gross vehicle weight.

Another shot of one of the twin-engined Toyotas.

The guy in the middle had chiropractic adjustments to his neck, right then and there.

These two had trouble getting the engine into their E30 BMW.

There were two V12s racing. This XJ12, and a BMW 850i.


Edvin said...

So much cool stuff I don't know where to start.. I love the idea of a Harley engine in a Prius. Attending/participating in a LeMons race is going on my bucket list.

steve-vh said...

The jeep looks like an old US Postal delivery model - severly lowered and surprisingly cool.

Maxichamp said...

@Steve: Jalopnik says the Jeep apparently has a Mustang front end. That hood is awfully long.