Saturday, March 02, 2013

Another police funeral

Nearly four years ago, a sexual predator in Oakland killed four police officers-- the first two with a 9 mm pistol and the second two with an SKS rifle.  A somber yet spectacular memorial was held at the Oakland Coliseum.  With the privilege of being a pallbearer for one of the officers, I was given a ride to and from the memorial in one of the four motorcades.  The most inappropriate thing I said that day was: "Gosh, if only Dan were here right now, I'd thank him for giving me a ride in a motorcade!"

This Thursday, another somber yet spectacular memorial will be held at the HP Pavilion in San Jose.  Two Santa Cruz officers were killed by a sexual predator with a .45 caliber handgun.  I'm going to try to attend.  It's appalling that this had to happen again.

Here is video of the Oakland motorcade.  Fire engines and motorcycle cops from all over the Bay Area blocked traffic at every single intersection along the surface street route.  The freeways were shut down.  As the motorcade passed each intersection, cops and firefighters stood at attention and saluted.  Kids along the sidewalks held handmade signs of support.  Cops from all over the country, including a cruiser from Chicago, drove to the event.  If it weren't for the circumstances, I would have been jumping for excitement at all the cool vehicles.  Oh, and there was a flyby that included every Bay Area law enforcement helicopter too.

There is no need to feel macabre or guilty for watching this video.  Dan would have appreciated it too.  To grasp at the length of the motorcade, go to the 2:26 mark.  The line of Crown Vics and motorcycles doesn't end until the 7:00 mark.

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