Monday, March 11, 2013

Foxy Lady by Garth

A little levity while I mourn the sale of my beloved Phaeton.

All suggestions for a replacement are welcome. My criteria:
  • $7.5-15k
  • professional (read: no bright orange Mitsubishi Eclipses with coffee can exhaust)
  • very reliable
  • unusual/fun to drive


Sanchez said...

Wow. That was unexpected.
As much as I like Saab I wouldn't get it if I were you.
I have very little knowledge about car prices in the USA.
But what do you think of getting Audi RS4 in B5 body?
Can you get an example in good condition within your budget?

Gavin said...

Unusual & fun to drive? Believe it or not, you could consider a Saturn (Opel) Astra. next to my 2010 & 2012 GTI's and 1998 Passat, my wife's Astra has been a paragon of reliability in the past 5 years.

Maxichamp said...

@sanchez: I don't think we got the B5 RS4 here in America. My friend has a B5 S4 and he loves it. Also, I don't want a German car for a while. I want something "different".

Check out this website for an idea of how much used cars here sell for. If anything interests you, let me know. A lot of cars are shipped from here to Mongolia. And KZ is not that far.

Maxichamp said...

@Gavin: I like the way you think. I was just saying to rchen that I should be ironic and just get a perfectly decent Camry or Accord!

F1Outsider said...

What about a Lexus SC300? Even better if you can find one with a manual transmission.

And I'm biased here... But the Mazdaspeed6 is a ton of fun and very toned down.