Tuesday, October 23, 2012

North Korean labor camps in Siberia

Vice went deep into the Russian Far East to uncover this.  Please note that the drunk dude on the train is the only reason I have not been to Russia yet.

Hat tip to Viva Chile.


Edvin said...

Good stuff, thanks for sharing. I suspect the train isn't that bad unless you spend all of the journey drinking in the dining car, but then again what else is there to do?

Ripituc said...

Since the drunk-dude situation will never improve in Russia, I'd say go now anyway!

There was a Russian barque on Valparaíso the other day open to the public, the Sedov. They had a souvenir shop were you could buy many Russian items including some tasteful fridge magnets that changed its picture from Putin to Medvedev when you tilted it to the sides (not sure how those are called). Maybe it will stop in San Francisco? It was going round the world.

Peter Secor said...

It was interesting that the SUVs driven by the chief of police (ex) and the Fish were RHD.

MattC said...

BTW, the Vice documentaries on YouTube are a staple for me. These journalists define what quality investigative journalism should be.

Maxichamp said...

@Edvin and Viva: You guys can come with me. Safety in numbers.

@Viva: The Sedov went to Samoa after visiting Chile and Peru.

@Peter: The Russian Far East is awash in gently used cars from Japan.

@MattC: The guy in this North Korean series has some balls.

Edvin said...

Peter: http://www.hs.fi/english/article/Right-hand-drive+cars+are+commonplace+on+roads+in+Siberia/1135269747269